The designs of Jacky Ickx’s helmets

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Jacky Ickx, commonly known as “Monsieur Le Mans” for winning the 24 Hours of Le Mans six times. Ickx can proudly add winner of the Dakar Rally, Formula 2 champion, a two time vice-champion of Formula 1, a Bathurst 1000 win as well as a Spa 24 Hours win to his merits. A pure racing talent, racing everything from Z├╝ndapp bikes to ear-shattering Porsche 917’s, he also brought flair to the track with his sense of style.

Commonly seen in his trademark plain black helmet, with thick white continous lines along the edges. Usually only sporting one line of sponsorship and his name, it’s impossible to mistake Ickx for anyone else. It probably also helps that “JACKY ICKX” is written across the back of the helmet.

The late-70’s was a strange time for Formula 1, with experimental design without much background in science or aerodynamics dominating the car elements. It also seems like helmet manufacturers took the same approach, especially with twin-window helmets. However, the helmet is still sporting Ickx’s trademark black-with-white-lines look.

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