Christian Horner on meeting Ayrton Senna: “He was one of my heroes.”

After sneaking through a hole in a fence at Silverstone, Red Bull Formula 1 team principal Christian Horner met his hero Ayrton Senna.
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1991 was the year that Ayrton Senna was leading the Formula 1 championship at the Silverstone Grand Prix, which he would eventually win. However, Christian Horner was just a 17-year old karting driver, who had yet to step into the world of F1.

“One of my earliest memories coming here was back in [1991], shortly after I passed my driving test in my pimped-up Volkswagen Beetle,” Horner explained.

“They used to have a Goodyear tyre test here in June, the month before the grand prix.

“As an aspiring young karting driver I managed to find a hole in a fence – I don’t know whether it’s still there, around the corner from Copse, go through the tunnel, there’s a hole in the fence there.

“I crawled through that, I managed to get into the pitlane, and tried to pretend like I looked like I should be there.

“I had a karting jacket on at the time and came face to face with Ayrton Senna. It was a huge moment for me, he was one of my heroes.

“He’d had an accident on a jet ski and so he wasn’t doing a lot of driving, but he noticed the kart logo I had on my jacket and started asking me about karting. I thought, ‘I can’t top that! This day cannot get any better.’”

Nigel Mansell, Williams FW14 Renault, Ayrton Senna, McLaren MP4/6 Honda
Photo by: LAT Images

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